Meet Your Farmer: Carissa


I began interning at the farm in March of 2013. My experiences have truly been life-changing because I have found a place where I can be myself and progress towards my goals of living more sustainably and consciously. I have always wanted to work or live on a farm, so I jumped at the opportunity to join this amazing community.

Everything about being at First Light Farm is magical: working until you’re exhausted in summer’s heavy heat, canoeing on the lake, feeding the horses next to us, sharing the bounty of natural food with communities, and making new friends every day. I love coming home covered in dirt and sweat with three bags stuffed full of fresh produce at the end of the day. Working on First Light Farm is so rewarding and I feel honored to have this opportunity to learn about nature, agriculture, sharing, and sustainability. Last year the tomatoes were my favorite to grow because I learned so much from those experiences with endless green tomatoes, hoop houses, and blight. This year, I am especially excited to be working on our Herb Garden project. Hope to see you out there; come try some of the best honey on Earth!

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