…And then there was water!

This past weekend sure was a magical kick-off to a great upcoming season. After working hard to prepare all of the mini farm plots for arriving families, tilling the back 40 acres for days, and planting hundreds of transplants and seeds, we still had one last (yeah, right!) question to resolve…How would we water?

Dave_4.13.14Enter: Dave Hoffmann. Original Mini Farmer, Proficient Waterer, and Designated Task Man of First Light Farm. Due to the tiring and tedious process of filling buckets at the lake and hauling them to the mini farms – not to mention this year’s addition of the back 40 acres – we decided it was time to devise an irrigation solution.

Jane watering_4.13.14We had garnered a pump and some hose from the purchase of Big Joan (our new tractor) and Dave, Don, Liz, and Jane went to work assembling all of the pieces. In a miraculous turn of events, everything worked and our hoses were just long enough to water in all the spring babies that had just been planted! The water team went on to install the pump around the corner and began filling all of the watering stations for the mini farmers. We are continuing to add on to our sparkly irrigation systems but, for the moment, we sure are happy to hand water.

As our community grows, we are continuously grateful for the ways in which the land and people around us provide. A huge thanks to the Hoffmanns for risking dry clothes and contributing so much of their time to grow our farm.

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