Gift Certificates Are Here!

Need a great, local gift for a loved one? We now have gift certificates available!IMG_20141215_104543

Order them now by emailing with the following info:

  • Name of Recipient
  • Name of Giver
  • Amount
  • Mailing address of the recipient (or Giver if you would like to hand deliver his/her present)

Please send payment upon ordering via email. Check or cash can be sent to:

First Light Farm
720 North 84th Street
Seattle, WA 98103

Ways to Use a FLF Gift Certificate:

  • Farmstand (June-Oct): Visit us at the farm and pick your own diverse spread of organically grown veggies, flowers, and honey.
  • Pre-order (June-Oct): We can harvest your order for pick up at the farm, in the Carnation area, or in North Seattle. Additional deliveries may be possible with an added fee.
  • Winter orders (Nov – June): Throughout the winter, we have a limited selection of winter squash, dry beans, and raw, local honey available for purchase.


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