Plans to do some harvesting this weekend — start putting away for fall! (August 6, 2015)


What’s ready to harvest this week at First Light Farm?

We have “tons” of cukes ready for you to pick — pickling or regular. Pick 25+ pounds of cukes for $1.40/lb. Regular u-pick $2.50/lb (for under 25 pounds). Also ready for u-pick: sungold cherry tomatoes ($2.00 a 1/2 pint), paste and slicing tomatoes – $3/lb. Basil – $3.00/small bag. Beets and carrots ($2.50/lb), hard neck garlic ($1.00/bulb), summer squash ($2.50/lb) and turnips ($2.00/lb). Farm open for u-picking Friday-Sunday, 10:30-6 pm. Farm stand open same hours – prices more at the farm stand.

It’s time to start thinking about fall and putting away food for those darker, wetter months.  You’ll be glad you did!!

Farmer Jane

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