Make Your Own Scarecrow at First Light Farm, Saturday and Sunday, October 3 and 4th, 10:30-3 pm

Kick off the fall and Halloween season by making your own scarecrow to decorate your yard.

Scarecrows have been around as a response to preserving crops for over 2500 years!  Those blackbirds have always been clever at stealing grain and corn from farmers.  Scarecrows were designed as a creative response to a real need — keep as much food as possible for your family to help you over the winter months.

At First Light Farm, we’re dedicated two days to helping you make your own scarecrow.  Find some old “farmer” clothes around the house — jeans with holes, plaid shirt, belt, hat, scarf, and anything else that will make your scarecrow look fun and creative.  First Light Farm will provide the instructional support, the hay to stuff your scarecrow, and the wooden frame.

We’ll also have s’mores and other fun kids’ activities for the event.

$20.00 per family for one scarecrow.  $10 for each additional scarecrow.

Reserve your place at the event.  Email to let us know which day you’ll be coming and how many scarecrows you intend to make!

See you at the farm!  Farmer Janescarecrow

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