First Light Farm is closed for the 2015 season. We will reopen in 2016.

Hi everyone,

We are grateful that we got almost everything off the fields before the first big flood on Sunday, November 1st.  The flood came quite a bit earlier than last year (several months earlier) to we all were a bit surprised by this early insertion of flooding in the valley.

The farm will re-open for our 5th season starting in January, although we won’t be able to access the fields until March or so (when the fields dry enough to plant), but if you are interested in either a mini farm for next season or wanting to participate in our work share program (4 hours labor in exchange for a hefty box of produce), send us an email after the first of the year.  We start taking reservations January 1:

Thanks for such an amazing year.  So much to be grateful for — beautiful, delicious vegetables, new and old friends, and healthy soil that supports us all.

Have a great, safe fall and see you in the new year!

Farmer Jane

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