Week 4 (June 23-26th)

The sugar peas remain our best seller as customers remark how delicious they are.  We have some left for picking, but if you’re a sugar pea enthusiast, make sure to come this week (Thursday-Sunday, 10:30-6 pm). $2.00/.5 lb.

The garlic scapes are gone now. What a delicious accompaniment they are to almost any dish. The good news is that fresh garlic is on its way.

We continue to have kale (multiple varieties) and chard – $3.50/.5 lb and $2.50/.5 lb respectively, and lettuce (price depending on size).

We will also be offering organic Rainier cherries from Collins Family orchard – $6.00/lb (member price) and $7.00/lb for non-members.

Summer squash is on its way as are cucumbers, tomatoes (which are now green in the hoop house), and the other summer vegetables like peppers, tomatillos, etc.

We’ll post what’s ready for picking on this blog site, but you can always stay up with us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/firstlightfarm1 where we post on a regular basis.




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