U-pick for the week of July 29-31

green beans

Green beans continue to be the focus this week as we have multiple varieties ready for your picking: Jade II and Blue Lake are regular winners for people who love to can or freeze green beans.  We also have Dragon’s Tongue and Tanya’s Pink Pod which are colorful and flavorful! $3.00/lb and $2.00/lb for members who pick more than 10 pounds.

Our pickling cukes are also coming in.  We won’t have the hundreds of pounds yet that we normally do until another week or so, but we have the early varieties ready.  If you have a question about how many cukes are available, call 206-719-8602 for the latest information.

We also have beautiful potatoes: russets, yukon gold, and reds which are fun for the kids to harvest.

We also have cilantro, dill, milk thistle for harvesting.

Our tomatoes are also coming in with the Early Girl variety being the first to turn red.  We’ll have lots of slicing varieties, paste tomatoes (San Marzanos), and cherries for you to pick from.

We continue to have red and green varieties of cabbage, as well as turnips to harvest.  We’re in our third planting of cabbage so we’ll have plenty more throughout the season along with more turnips and red/yellow beets.

The eggplants have beautiful flowers on them, but no fruit yet. Same with our hot and sweet peppers. We’ll have to be patient!

Our row of carrots are turning out to be fun for youngsters to harvest!

We hope you’ll come see us this week for u-picking. Don’t forget, we have bees on our fields so be mindful if you have an allergic child or are allergic yourself.  Also, wear appropriate shoes, a hat, and sunscreen. It’s going to be very hot this week!

Farm hours: Thursdays-Sundays, 10:30 – 6 pm.  Come see us at the farm!




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