U-pick for week of August 4-7

If you haven’t gotten your share of our green beans, don’t miss the chance.  They’re easy to freeze and at this Saturday’s pickling workshop (1-2:30 pm – see cost and more details on our 2016 classes page) you’ll learn how to pickle them along with cukes and summer squash.  Our pickling cukes are coming in, but slower than we want.  We’re waiting for the day when our pickling friends can come by and harvest 40-50 pounds of cukes for their pickling pleasure.  The cukes at this level of harvesting will be there soon. Hopefully by this weekend.  We planted 900′ of cukes this year so to ensure we had enough! Questions about availability? You can always text Farmer Jane at 206-719-8602 for the latest info.

Our summer squash continue to be what’s picked most. Folks are enjoying the multiple varieties — especially the round (“rolunde” variety) that so great on the grill.

Also ready for harvesting: radishes, some tomatoes, chard, kale, cabbage, dill, and cilantro.  A new planting of beets (yellow and red) will be ready soon as well as new turnips and lettuce so stay tuned.

We hope to see you on the farm. This is a beautiful time of the year so don’t miss a chance to come and bring your family and friends to enjoy the beauty of our Snoqualmie Valley.  FJ

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