This year’s focus on learning

Our 6th season has been so completely different than the past five seasons — a new farm location, new soil to get acquainted with, new weeds, etc.  These new challenges remind us that at the heart of our farm is our commitment to learning — to growing each day in new knowledge and shared awareness about what it means to live and participate as a sustainable farm.  We like to think we are just one of the small cells inside this collective, worldwide system on creating a sustainable world. As we grapple with the challenges that face us this year (water, energy, resources), we look to the natural world for help.  What does nature teach us about sustainability? What are the principles inherent in the natural world’s design that we can mimic and apply?

a_028To help us this season in this new learning adventure, we are grateful for our returning staff member, Chloe Wood-Hendrickson, who, although young in years, is an “old soul” when it comes to applying natural systems solutions to our farming practices.  To help spread the knowledge, she has agreed to lead a number of “hands-on” workshops for us this season with a focus on learning about the permaculture principles of water management and hugelkulture building.

We’ll also be offering a repeat of our pickling workshop with Trish Glover as well as  other workshops with Chloe on medicinal vinegar, fermentation, and making elderberry syrup.

Each workshop is followed by an optional potluck which we hope you will plan to stay for.  Please email us at if you have any questions, or if there’s a workshop that you’d like us to consider!







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