About Us

First Light Farm’s primary mission is to provide an experience of interconnectedness between the soil, our own health (and our family’s health) and the health of our communities.

At our farm, we live out our mission of healthy soils, healthy families, healthy communities through different programs and sustainable practices. Although our mission remains the same, our ability and practices change as we evolve in our knowledge of how to live sustainably and interdependently:

Supporting Healthy Soils

  • Cover Cropping
  • Composting
  • Crop Rotation
  • Purchasing Organic Seeds
  • Tilling as little as possible

Supporting Health for Individuals & Families

  • Mini Farm Program**
  • Work Share Program – trade 4 hours of farm work for $40.00 worth of produce
  • Young Farmer program** – a farm program for 13-18 year olds to learn about as well as participate in the ongoing work and rhythm of a farm (veggies given in exchange for work)
  • FLF Farm Steward Position  a farm program for young people 18+ who are interested in learning about sustainable farming through hands-on practice. Each year, the farm hires 3-5 farm stewards for the growing season.

Supporting Healthy Communities

  • U-Pick Program** – July through October
  • Seed Sharing – the farm shares its harvested seeds with friends and members from the abundance of the previous year’s growing season
  • Community Box Program ($100/large box of produce.) – invite your neighbors and friends to the table for a common meal and lively conversation about the interrelationship among healthy soils, healthy families, and healthy communities
  • Community Buyer’s Club – open to neighborhoods or groups who come to the farm to harvest large amount of produce for their group at below u-pick prices.
  • Vegetable Sharing – First Light Farm and Mini Farm families donate their excess produce to local food banks and other groups
  • Organically-Grown Vegetables Starts – every spring, First Light Farm sells organically grown vegetables starts for Mini Farm families and others
  • egetable Festivals
    • Tomato Festival (July)
    • Green Bean Festival (August)
    • Pepper Festival (September)
    • Squash and Pumpkin Festival (October)
  • Group Events – the farm is available for your group’s event (rental fee required)

* Opening day depends on the soil’s readiness for spring planting.

** requires an annual membership fee of $25.00

The Farm’s Origins

For more than 30 years, Jane and Don have been looking for a View of the Cascade Mountain and Sikes Lake from the farmfarm where they could grow fruits (hopefully soon!) and vegetables, invite families to share in the fun of being on the land, and build a business where friendliness and kindness were the norm.

On Don’s birthday in 2011, they were driving in the Duvall, Washington area looking at two other farms. Jane spotted a small sign on the side of the road that said, “farmland for lease.” She called the number and left a message saying we were interested in learning more about the land for lease. Two minutes later her phone rang and a man who identified himself as the owner of the land asked them if they were in the area as he would show them the land if they were interested. By Christmas, a lease was signed and the idea for First Light Farm was launched.

Where did the name First Light Farm come from?  It was Jane’s inspiration — she has always loved the concept of dawn, or first light, as a special time of the day when stillness is still a part of the world. First light also means that first awareness when we realize something new.  For Jane, it is her hope that when individuals and families participate in the farm, they will have a “first light” experience of understanding the vital link between the land and ourselves as well as with all of the creatures we share the land with.

One thought on “About Us

  1. Congratulations Jane and Don. I know you two will give the land the love it needs to grow food for families and communities. We support this wonderful endeavor! We need more farmers like you two, that will leave a mark of kindness on the food we consume.

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