Partnerships and Contributors

Our partnerships and contributors are vital to us as we try to live and farm while acknowledging that all aspects of our ecosystem are important and critical to our own sustainability.

They include:

Growing Things Farm & it’s owner, Michaele Blakely – who didn’t hesitate to lease us their unused acreage when First Light Farm was looking for a new home. We are grateful for Michaele’s willingness to share this beautiful piece of nature with our community!

SnoValley Tilth and neighboring farms – how important it is to be a part of a community of people dedicated to restoring life to our food system.

Camp Korey – we are so very grateful for the farming knowledge so freely shared with us from Rosy Smit, Camp Korey’s gardener. I think it’s fair to say that we wouldn’t have made it through our first year without her gentle guidance and wisdom.

Gary and Van, our Plow Men – who looked at us with genuine compassion our first year and told us to not bring volunteers out to the farm for the first time when it rains. Thank you Van and Gary for all of your wisdom and helpfulness when it comes to repairing and servicing our equipment.

Jim the Bee Man – who places the hives and bees in our fields and harvests the honey for us to sell. Thank you for taking care of the bees who take care of us!

Our Mini Farm Families – who bring such life, friendship and fun to the farm. For all of the young people, thank you for your interest in healthy foods and your enjoyment  on the farm.  If you represent our future, we’re going to be just fine.

Volunteers – spouses, partners, boyfriends, neighbors and friends — thank you to everyone who contributes to help make the farm such an alive experience for us all!

Young Farmers  and Farm Stewards – when we were too tired, you were not and for that we are incredibly grateful to each of you. Thank you for all the positive and fun energy you brought to the farm.

Theo’s Chocolate – Theo’s Chocolate donated boxes of chocolate to First Light Farm for our 2-15 scarecrow event.  Thank you Theo’s Chocolate for your delicious, fair-trade, organic chocolates. They are the best!

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