Member’s Commitment

Supporting a Neighborhood "mini-farm"First Light Farm is a membership farm. We want to grow what you want to eat, or support you in growing your own food!

In order to maintain a healthy, happy farm for everyone to enjoy, we ask our members to please observe the following commitments:

  • We follow organic farming methods which means NO synthetic chemicals including; pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, weed killers, and fertilizers. You are welcome to fertilize your own “mini farm” with compost, fish meal, composted manure, lime, etc.
  • There is no garbage service on the land, so please pack out whatever you bring with you to the farm.  We will have areas designated for “green” material (weeds, old plants, etc.) which will be used for composting.
  • Bring your own farming tools. We have some tools for you to use. Please make sure to return the tools to our shed in the same state as when you borrowed them.
  • At the end of the growing season, please return your “mini farm” to the condition you received it in. We will take care of planting winter cover crops and preparing the land for the next growing season, but please remove all structures and other non-plant materials (like bean or tomato trellises) unless you have made specific arrangements with us.
  • Please do not bring any pets to the farm. Because we are growing  vegetables organically we follow Department of Agriculture standards. 


  • Because we are a working farm, we have bee hives on site to help with the pollination process. We keep the hives as farm from the main area as possible, but the bees are can be found everywhere doing their work of pollination.The bees are friendly unless you swat at them. If you or your child is allergic to bees, please do not take a membership with our farm as we cannot be responsible for your health or the health of your child!
  • You are responsible for your children and their safety. Please supervise your children by helping them learn to respect the earth, the creatures we share it with, and other people’s spaces. If you let your children use tools, you are responsible for their safety. Please don’t let your children be out of your sight and voice.
  • Sykes Lake is accessible at the end of our land. No one is allowed into the lake, nor can First Light Farm be responsible for your children’s safety near the lake. Children are encouraged to run on the paths and explore the 6 acres, but they cannot go into the water. Do not drink the lake water as we cannot guarantee if the water is drinkable.

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