Mini Farm Program

Our Mini Farm program serves families who may not have access to a patch of soil where they live, or are looking for a community of like minded growers to bond with as they grow their own food. We have lost several CSASC customers to our Mini Farm program over the years, but the happiness and pride that comes from sowing, maintaining, and harvesting your own vegetables and herbs is unmatched. So come get your hands dirty and join our community!

Beck family 2

Mini Farm Plot Sizes and Pricing:

  • 10 x 10 square feet for $150.00/year
  • 10 x 30 square feet for $250.00/year
  • 10 x 60 square feet for $300.00/year
  • 10 x 90 square feet for $400.00/year

Membership and Maintenance Fee:

Besides the annual lease fee, each Mini Farm requires an annual $100.00 membership and maintenance fee which allows access to the farm whenever you want, use of available farming tools and planting support, use of gas-powered water supply, access to donated organic seeds, and helps covers First Light Farm’s general liability insurance for non-staff use of the land.

How to sign up:

Send us an email at with “Mini Farm” in the subject heading and let us know which size you would like to farm and include any questions you have about the Mini Farm program. We look forward to hearing from you!


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