Work Share Program

kristin and gary

First Light Farm offers its members an opportunity to share in the daily work of growing, harvesting, and setting up the farm stand in exchange for freshly picked healthy produce, flowers and herbs. With a minimum of 4 hours/week helping with planting, weeding, sowing, mowing, etc. you take home a box of fresh veggies worth $40.

You’ll need boots and clothes you don’t mind getting dirty or wet! Consider your work share experience like a membership at your local gym, but much more fun. Farming is physical work so please be aware that you will be bending and lifting!

How to sign up: Send us an email at with “Work Share Opportunities” in the subject heading and let us know you’re interested. In your email, please indicate whether you’ll be available for the entire growing season (June – October), which we prefer, or just for specific times.  In the beginning and end of the growing season, we have specific tasks which require many hands (for example, setting up the hoop houses, farm tents, or getting ready for one of our monthly festivals).

We hope you will consider joining us for this upcoming growing season!

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