Preview of 2017

As  2017 begins, we have four opportunities for you that we’d like to share:

1)    Soil to Supper Program:
Pick your own healthily grown vegetables 7 days a week.  With First Light Farm’s Soil to Supper program, you join as a member ($25.00/year), sign a liability release form, and then can begin harvesting your own vegetables right from the farmland!  It’s one way to ensure that you are getting the most vitamins and minerals from your foods!  Plus you get the added benefit of slowing down, taking deep breaths, and enjoying the beauty of the fields and surrounding habitats.  Who can measure that kind of health supporting practice!

2)    “Mini Farm” and “Small Farm” Program:
There’s nothing better than growing your own food! Not only do you get to plant what you want to eat (organic only please!), but you also learn that Mother Nature is an amazing teacher of the virtues of slowing down, practicing patience, learning to stop, breathe and observe and being grateful for the rich Snoqualmie River Valley that hosts so much biodiversity and farm life.

First Light Farm offers three sizes of “Mini Farms”: 30’ x 10’, 60’ x 10’ and 90’ x 10’.  On a limited basis, we’ll be offering three “Small Farms” (1/4, 1/2, and one acre) for growing food for companies, non-profit organizations, churches, or other groups of people who want to come together to grow food for others.

First Light Farm will prepare the land ready for you as soon as the soil warms up enough to plant (usually by the end of March or early April), provide support and answer any questions you have about seeds and seedlings.  Then you are able to plant and harvest all the way through the end of the fall growing season which ends in the middle or end of September at which time First Light Farm will plant a cover crop to ensure the nutrients are replaced in the soil for the next growing season. Check out the costs for the different Mini and Small Farm sizes as well as membership responsibilities on this website.

3)    Work Share Program:
Our Work Share program is designed for individuals who want to get fit, enjoy the beauty of the farm land, and not have to pay for your produce!  Volunteer a minimum of 4 hours a week (preferably Friday-Sunday) doing a variety of farming chores and, in return receive a box of vegetables (of your choice) valuing $40.00.  If you’re interested in learning more about our Work Share program, email Farmer Jane at

4)    U-Pick and Farm Stand
Non-members are always welcome to visit our farm stand that is open four days a week in the summer as well as pick your own vegetables at u-pick prices.

First Light Farm is a 6-acre eco-farm (uses only organic practices) in Carnation around the corner from Carnation Farms and approximately 25 miles east of Seattle.  First Light Farm seeks to provide  individuals, families and organizations with a variety of experiences that remind us that our personal health and the soil’s health are interconnected.

Review this website to learn more about us, or email us at

Or better yet, just stop by the farm so you can meet Farmers Jane and Don and experience the beauty and aliveness of the land.  Call first before coming! We’d love to meet you!

To Your Health!
Farmers Jane and Don

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