Community CSAs

First Light Farm’s CSA program (or as we like to call it “ASC”program — agriculture supporting community) runs a little differently than many of the other organic farms’ CSA programs.  Our purpose is to create small, local CSAs in order to foster the much needed practice of “getting to know your neighbors” — whether your neighbors live in your local community or sit in the next cubicle in your workplace.

Healthy food brings people together, and in our world today which is accelerating towards greater depersonalization of relationships, First Light farm’s CSA program works to support the development of meaningful relationships where individuals and families create lasting relationships.  By using agriculture to support community, in our small way, we are helping create neighborhoods and workplaces where individuals are known and information can be shared to help create healthier, happier living or working environments.


Currently First Light Farm has a CSA program in the Greenwood/Phinney neighborhood of Seattle, where owners Jane and Don Reis have lived for almost 40 years.  We see providing healthy food to our neighbors as one way we can stay involved with the families we have known for so many years.

If you would like to start a First Light Farm CSA program in your neighborhood, we would be happy to help you get started and share our best practices and program perks with you.  Contact us at or call 206-719-8602.  We think you’ll see that being part of a neighborhood or business CSA is one way of fostering relationships of care.