Quick Pickled Daikon (Korean Danmuji) – This is a great side to have with meat and rice or to cool the mouth with spicy food

  • 1 pound daikon radish, peeled, cut, and cubed
  • ⅓ cup EACH of white vinegar, granulated sugar, and water (use ½ the sugar if you prefer less sweet)
  • ½ tsp salt


Add sugar, water, vinegar, and salt to pot and and turn on to medium high heat.

Mix and combine until sugar fully dissolves, approx 2-3 minutes

Take off heat and allow to fully cool

Peel daikon radishes and cut into ½ inch round discs. Take each disc and cut into ½ inch cubes and set aside

Place cubed radish into jar and pour pickling liquid over. Seal and place in refrigerator, can leave out 3 hours or up to overnight if you prefer to speed up the flavor and give a slightly fermented taste.

Enjoy the radish cold!  Radish keeps for about a month in the fridge.



Daikon Leaf recipe – Use as a side with rice and meat or protein of choice

  • Radish leaves, well washed
  • Sesame oil
  • Optional:  Dried Thai red chili pepper, seeds removed and shredded (you can leave the seeds in if you like it really spicy. You can use another type of red chili pepper too)
  • Soy sauce


Blanch the radish leaves in plenty of boiling water for a couple of minutes until they are wilted. Then, drain them well, refresh them in cold water, and squeeze out all the moisture out of them as well as you can.   Chop up the radish leaves finely, then put the chopped leaves in a cup.

For each cup of chopped blanched leaves, use about 2 Tablespoons of sesame oil, and 1 to 1.5 Tablespoons of soy sauce and if using chili pepper 1 Thai red chili pepper deseeded and shredded or chopped.

Heat up a large frying pan with the sesame oil over medium heat. Add the shredded red chili pepper, then the radish leaves. (Adding the chili pepper at the beginning of the cooking process makes the heat more subtle; if you want it really spicy, add the chili pepper towards the end of the cooking process.)

Sauté until the radish leaves are quite dry but still green, not brown. Push everything to one side, add the soy sauce to the hot pan surface so it sizzles, then mix it all together. Take off the heat.

Cool and store in the refrigerator for about a week. You can also freeze it in small batches.