Healthy Soils = Healthy Families = Healthy Communities


At First Light Farm, we take seriously our slogan of Healthy Soils = Healthy Families = Healthy Communities. Each year we hope to improve our ability to meet our goals of supporting greater health and well-being for our soil, the families who come to the farm, and all the communities we are blessed to be a part of.  To do this we:

Support Healthy Soils by:
Cover Cropping
Crop Rotation
Organic Seeds

Anika hoeing

Support Health for Families and Individuals by:

  • Mini Farm Program – rates vary depending on size
  • Soil to Supper Program – June through October – members program which allows you to harvest your own vegetables from 8 am -8 pm, 6 days a week at u-pick prices (the farm is closed on Mondays)
  • Work Share Program – trade 4 hours of farm work for $40.00 worth of produce
  • Young Farmer or Work Share Jr. Program – a farm program for 13-18 year olds to learn about as well as participate in the ongoing work and rhythm of a farm. As a reward, they get to take home veggies in exchange for labor. Contact Jane Reis for more information at
  • Farm Renewal Program – use the farm’s natural beauty to design a “farm renewal” day for yourself. Start your morning getting your hands dirty (and letting the toxins built up in your body release!), by participating in our work share program, bring a picnic lunch for yourself, and spend some time in the afternoon in quiet and renewal. Let the stillness of the land allow you to reconnect and renew your body and soul.  You’ll leave the farm a new person! A tent by the lake is provided for quiet reflection. Email Farmer Jane to schedule at


Support Healthy Communities by:

  • U-Pick Program – June through October
  • Seed Sharing – the farm shares its harvested seeds with friends and members from the abundance of the previous year’s growing season
  • Community CSA program
  • Vegetable Sharing – First Light Farm donates their excess produce to local food banks and other groups
  • Naturally Grown Vegetables Starts – every spring, First Light Farm sells naturally grown vegetables starts to Mini Farm families and the public (please let us know what you’d like us to grow for you!)
  • Different  Educational and Vegetable Festivals
  • Group Events – the farm is available for your group’s event (rental fee required)

2 thoughts on “Healthy Soils = Healthy Families = Healthy Communities

  1. Hello, I am looking at your mini farm options, what are the sizes of mini farm options you offer? I am also interested in volunteering my time too. I see on your website about a pepper festival in September can you give me more information about that? Thank you

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