School Programs

Wish your child’s school was more involved in helping them understand where their food comes from? Would you like your own children to have a better understanding of healthy foods?

We have three programs we think kids will love!

  kids riding in trailer

ARRANGED FARM SCHOOL TOURS – School groups of all sizes and ages are welcome at the farm. Please contact us so we can create an experience for your school group that is tailored to their interests and learning potential: The event can be for an hour, several hours or 1/2 day. $7/child for groups up to 20 (adults not included in group size). If funding is an issue, please contact us. We’d like for every child to be able to experience the farm regardless of economic status!

Examples of learning activities include: learning about seeds and when to plant, learning how to harvest, chicken tractors & making compost, seed saving, and more!



“It’s as Easy as #1, #2, #3” Program – Join with several families from your child’s school by subleasing one of three sizes of “mini farm” from us.  Come together to

  1. plant your mini farm in the spring (April through May),
  2. share weeding and harvesting duties over the summer (June through August), and
  3. enjoy harvesting your own pumpkins and other late season crops in the fall (September through October)!

Each time you come to the farm, plan a fun day with your family. Be creative. Bring a picnic to eat by the lake. Check out our Mini Farm page for sizes and pricing options.

Maddie and her brussel sprouts

“Adopt-a-Farm” Program – We will customize a special learning program for your school or particular class tied to specific curricular activities that will help your child learn about planting and growing healthy foods while becoming more familiar with the different critters that we make up our farm’s ecosystem. Contact First Light Farm at with the subject heading “Adopt-a-School Program” for dates available and school pricing options.

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