Working on the Farm

There are four ways for you to work with us on the farm depending on your time, interest, experience and availability:

1) Work Share Program is geared towards people who want to volunteer for four hours/week throughout the summer to learn the full cycle of eco-farming through hands-on experience in seed propagation, seeding, weeding, harvesting, selling as well as soil care and sustainable practices.  If you’re interested in joining our workshare program from June through September, email us at


2) Farmer Mentorship Program (“So You Think You Want to be a Farmer?”) – This program is designed for the next level up from workshare.  It’s for people who think that they may want to someday have their own organic farm.  In exchange for one or two days at the farm (preferably two), you receive your own mini farm (10×30′) and an opportunity to work side by side with the co-owners and staff as you build a solid foundation of what farming is like and what is required!  Season starts around April or May and runs through October.  Interested?  Questions?  Email  us at


3)  Barnraising Volunteer Opportunities – this is a different volunteer opportunity for folks who want to help out with special projects like constructing hoop  houses, putting up tents, educational events, public gleans, etc. Hayley

4) Farm Steward Program – Each season, First Light Farm employs one or two young adults (college age+) as staff to work 2-3 days-week from May/June through October. Those seeking these positions should come with some organic farming, gardening, or outdoor experience and will receive a salary for their efforts as well as our weekly gift of a box of sustainably-grown food from the field. Interested or know someone who might be? Email us for more details about this position at

Email a cover letter, resume and references to Don and Jane Reis at

In your cover letter, please address the following questions:

  • What are your reasons for your interest in this position?
  • What experience in farming and related skills do you bring to this position?
  • How will this farming experience fit into your career and personal goals?
  • Because farm work is physical (bending, lifting, hauling), please describe any conditions that might limit your ability to work on the farm.

If selected, personal interviews will begin as early as January or early February 2016.


Farm Overview: First Light Farm is a 6-acre eco-farm located in the rich floodplain of the Snoqualmie Valley in Carnation, approximately 25 miles east of Seattle. We are a relatively new farm (5 years old) that offers multiple ways for individuals, families and organizations to become involved, purchase healthy vegetables, and learn more about the principles and practices of sustainable living. Our programs include:

  • Our Farm Stand serves our neighboring communities.  It is located on First Light Farm’s farmland in Carnation and is visited regularly by local residents as well as people from neighboring communities.  The farm stand sells sustainably-grown vegetables, flowers, and herbs. Additionally, the farm stand also sells other farm-related products.
  • Our Mini Farm  Program offers small groups of people, families, or organizations an opportunity to grow their own healthy vegetables, herbs and flowers.  First Light Farm provides three sizes of Mini Farms: 300 square feet, 400 square feet, and 500 square feet (larger mini farms are sometimes available upon request).

Thank you for your interest in healthy soils, food, and farming!

4 thoughts on “Working on the Farm

    • Hi Kelli,
      thanks for your question on our website. People start reserving their mini farms for each year starting January 1st of that year. Our 300 sq foot mini farm is $250 for the entire year. That price includes $150.00 for the mini farm, $25.00 membership fee, and $75.00 maintenance fee (for gasoline usage, tools, etc.). The soil usually dries up enough by late March, early April (it’s different each year). We take care of getting the mini farms ready for everyone. You are responsible for planting, weeding, watering, and of course harvesting! Send me an email at for more information or call 206-719-8602 for a chat. It would be great if you could join us next year.
      Farmer Jane

    • Hi Tricia, we are always grateful for our volunteers. We couldn’t operate our farm without them!
      That said, next week is our last week for the 2016 season. If you are still interested in volunteering for the 2017 season (May-October), please send me an email after the first of the year at
      Thanks for your interest! Farmer Jane

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